About Us

Cytology Society of Uganda is a scientific non profit organisation of professionals who are concerned with research and practise of Clinical Cytology in Uganda.


A cancer free, healthy and productive population of Uganda.


To promote and maintain high standards of care through cancer screening and excellence of diagnostic cytology in Uganda and beyond.


  • To unite all practitioners of Diagnostic Cytology in Uganda.
  • To encourage and enable members of The Society to provide the best possible standard diagnostic Cytology services.
  • To establish, promote and maintain high standards of the practitioners’ integrity and the science of diagnostic Cytology in Uganda.
  • To foster exchange of ideas on scientific concepts of cytology, on interpretation and reporting of cytodiagnosis findings and on technical aspects in regards to the practice.
  • To provide continuous professional development training to Cytology practitioners in Uganda for the purpose of acquiring or renewing their practicing licenses.
  • To promote collaboration and enter such agreements with Medical, Allied Health or other specialty organisations globally as shall be deemed necessary for the purpose of attainment of all or any of the objectives of The Society.
  • To represent the interests of Cytology Practitioners before technical state regulatory bodies and ministries.
  • To do all such lawful things as maybe incidental or conducive to the promotion or carrying out all or any of the fore going objectives.